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The Mastermind For Business Growth –
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It Starts On Wednesday 17th July – Just 3 Spaces Open

In this video, Trevor Nicholls explains why he’s joining TEN (he’s already grown his business massively with my help)

Discover business growth secrets from a mentor who has added over £40 million of extra sales to companies in all kinds of sectors, while you surround yourself with successful, razor-sharp entrepreneurs who will share their secrets with you.

The perfect springboard to propel your business to new heights.

TEN is a mastermind group restricted to just 10 members who meet 10 times per year to learn strategies to breakthrough and dominate within their sectors. It’s the brainchild of Lee Duncan, the author of Double Your Business.

This tight-knit group of non-competing £400K+ businesses have one key goal in common – to double sales and profit in two years or less.

Meet for 10 full days per year to…

  • Discover the strategies to double your sales and profits within 2 years…
  • Learn new strategies to sharpen your marketing and sales skills – to get more leads and sales than ever – even in this depressed market…
  • Strengthen leadership and management skills to powerfully motivate your staff and transform productivity…
  • Surround yourself with successful people and feed off their ideas and support…
  • Experience true peer accountability to push you to get stuff done – faster, better, more profitably (everybody needs this)


Strategies Worth At Least £2 Million Per Annum…

Ben Lee“I had tried for 2 years to sell our services to major corporates where we knew we had something special to offer them. Working with Lee, we devised a marketing plan that produced leads and relationships that are worth at least £2 million per annum to us (and probably a lot more). It seemed a big investment in his services originally, but now it seems like a no-brainer decision based on these results. Double your business? More like 3 or 4 times!”

Ben Lee, Managing Director, Grosvenor Credit Management & Investigations Ltd

The group meets on the third Wednesday of each month except for August and December.

No holds-barred advice and tough-love from each other will ensure your success. The format is simple, yet powerful…


Part 1: Breakthrough Strategies Session

The mastermind is structured as a series of days that start with a new set of growth strategies to set your mind racing with possibilities. You’ll find ways to kick-start faster growth. During these intense sessions you’ll discover…

  • How to automate your marketing to produce as many new leads as you can handle
  • How to improve sales performance – including how to recruit, manage and pay sales staff to achieve outstanding sales
  • How to motivate and manage your employees to become a high-performance team
  • How to create and deliver a truly exceptional customer experience
  • How to get your business running smoothly and profitably when you go away

In addition, you’ll learn from case-studies of specific techniques that produced incredible results to power the growth of your business. These are the precise strategies that fuel major breakthroughs within my client portfolio and will do the same for your business.

These will include…

  • The Adwords strategy that added £1.86 million to one client’s business in just one year and has propelled them to add almost £3m in total over 3 years
  • The witty, fun and highly targeted campaign that opened doors to over £2 million in contracts with blue-chip companies like Mercedes, Peugeot, Scottish & Southern Electric, Virgin Money and Barclays Capital.
  • Direct mail letters that pulled over 20% response from a cold list of names – and the secret to writing letters yourself that have massive appeal…
  • How to generate tens of thousands of website visitors per month – and how to turn them into paying customers…
  • The unsolicited email (some would call it spam) that produced 12.35% signups from a cold mailing list – and how to exploit this same strategy to quickly build a highly targeted marketing database

Part 2: Your Business In The Hot-Seat: Power of Ten Business Review

The next part of the meeting is known as The Power Of TEN.

The Double Your Business Private Mastermind LogoHere, Lee leads the group to provide focused help to a member’s business. The amassed ideas of Lee and the remaining successful entrepreneurs will unleash a flood of money-making ideas for your business to thrive and perhaps even dominate your market.

No stone is left unturned.

You will hear what you need to know to hit the growth jet-stream.

That means we will tear apart your website, rip open your marketing campaigns, re-invent your sales process and ask searching questions about the way you manage yourself, your priorities and your people.

No matter what your business challenge, TEN entrepreneurs have answers to transform it. Somebody in this successful group will have been there, seen it, done it – regardless of the input you need.

It is time to unlock your true potential and hurtle towards your goals at full-speed ahead.

At each meeting, there will be two Power of Ten sessions. During these sessions, one business takes the Hot Seat to get TEN heads working together to make it grow faster, stronger, better.

And the group is there for you – not to pick holes in you or criticise, but to help you achieve more than you can do alone. Support, ideas, strategies, maybe even joint-venture marketing to help each other out – the sky is the limit for TEN entrepreneurs…

After each hot-seat session, even when it is somebody else’s turn, you will come away with a head full of strategies that will…

  • Stretch your thinking way beyond your current limits…
  • Provide the clarity you need for a faster path to prosperity…
  • Make you a better entrepreneur…
  • Motivate you to achieve more success in 12 months than you’ve achieved in years…

Part 3: Action Plans – “A Relentless Focus On Results…”

The focus of TEN is results, so at the end of each meeting you will build your action plan to take the strategies and ideas you’ve heard and turn them into cash-rich cast-iron activities to grow your business in the month ahead.

And the meeting closes after you share the actions you will take as a result of the day’s meeting.

This group is not a talking shop – it’s a work-shop. You do stuff to grow your business and become more successful…

Following Up: Email List & Support Teleconference

Between meetings you ask questions and get feedback from TEN members using the TEN Email List. Send an email to the list and TEN members will all receive your question, your feedback, etc. It’s a great way to maintain momentum and keep your focus.

You’ll also attend a teleconference two weeks after the meeting to discuss progress, ask for help with any issues and be held accountable for getting your actions done.

Time waits for no man (or woman!) and so TEN provides structure to keep you moving towards your goals.

In a year’s time, you will look back on your decision to join TEN as the smartest thing you’ve done to grow your business.

You will have more confidence, better marketing, more sales and higher profit from the actions you take as a result of being a member.


Introducing Lee Duncan

Double Your Business by Lee Duncan, published by Financial TimesLee Duncan is the author of the Financial Times book, “Double Your Business: How To Break Through The Barriers To Higher Growth, Turnover And Profit”, which debuted as the WH Smith Business Book Of The Month and as a #1 business book on Amazon.co.uk in April 2012.

A former director of a £28 million blue-chip business unit with 170 staff working for him, Lee is professionally trained in coaching.

His strategies and advice have added in excess of £40 million sales growth to his clients across dozens of industries. He has a reputation for producing big results through pragmatic, practical and no-nonsense business advice.

Lee Duncan in June 2013

What His Clients Achieve…

“Added Millions to Sales During The Recession…”

“Through Lee’s strategies and advice we have more than doubled our business, adding millions in sales despite the depressed economy and intense competition from the direct-to-consumer operators”

Jamal Shahid, Director of Airworld Tours Ltd

“My Turnover More Than Doubled…”

“Within 12 months of working with Lee my turnover had more than doubled and I had created a franchised business. I have now built a core network of franchisees and growth of the franchise network is accelerating. Lee has helped me to structure my priorities and the business to achieve all of this.”

Trevor Nicholls, Managing Director of The Leaflet Delivery Company Ltd

“We Won Small Business Of The Year…”

“Working with Lee was one of the best business decisions I have made. His approach gave a bird’s eye view of my business and highlighted the areas of business working well and more importantly those that needed to be improved. Thanks to Lee, we won the Small Business of the Year award last year, just beating a company that is also one of Lee’s clients. I don’t think that was a coincidence – Lee brings out the best in your business.”

Philip Mashinchi, Founder and Chairman of BrightVisions Ltd

“Doubled Turnover While Halving My Working Hours…”

“Since working with Lee I’ve experienced a massive turnaround both in the business and myself. I’ve rekindled my desire to be in the business, I’m more successful and I’ve created a world-class team. In 2 years, Lee helped me to double my turnover, motivate my staff, and work half the hours I used to.

Chella Heyes – Managing Director of Zoom Answer Call

“Five Times Sales Growth in Just 3 Years…”

“When I first met Lee we were writing 30 mortgages a month, including my own sales. With his help and guidance we are now writing in excess of 150 mortgages per month even in this so called ‘credit crunch’. I am also now free to focus on our growth and management, as the structure of the business has been shaped so that I am no longer advising.”

Darren Pescod, Managing Director of The Mortgage Broker Ltd

“Quadrupled Sales Values”

“This time last year we were generating about 5 leads per week, but this year we are generating 15-20 leads per week. We’ve also quadrupled the sales value from the leads we generate.”

Paul Marsden, Partner, UHY-WKH Partnership

“More Sales in Two Months Than in Previous Eight…”

“In the two months since my Flippen coaching session with Lee, I’ve taken on more new clients than in the previous 8 months of the year.”

Tony Meyer, Managing Director of Now Training Ltd

“Sales Grew 66% in Just 3 Months…”

Sales from The Riverside Restaurant grew by 66% within 3 months of getting Lee’s help to fill the quiet midweek evenings and the success here became a springboard that allowed me to move on to renovate and open The Crown at Mickleton.”

Andrew Rowbotham, Proprietor of The Crown at Mickleton (formerly of The Riverside Restaurant, Barnard Castle)

So, Who Is TEN For, And Why Should You Join?

The Double Your Business TEN are successful entrepreneurs who want to achieve more. It’s for business people who have achieved already and who want more accountability along with great ideas to push you to another level.

Membership is by application only, and each applicant will be interviewed to discuss their goals and their current business situation before being accepted into the group.

Your success in life, it is said, is dominated by the people who you spend your time with. Who encourages you now to follow your dreams, inspires you with new ideas for your business, and warns you of strategies that simply won’t work for your business?

Access to Lee Duncan for 10 days would require an investment of £15,000 or more if you were doing this 1 to 1 with him.

Instead, you get that same amount of time with Lee for just £3,000 – less than a fifth of the cost.

In addition, you’ll be mixing with a truly exclusive group of people who have achieved a great deal already and are hungry for more.

People like you, who are driven to know the best ideas for growth and with the passion and drive to implement, test, and share their results.

There is a whole lot of stuff you’ll learn from the amassed wisdom of the group – as well as from the strategy sessions delivered directly by Lee Duncan.

And you’ll be kept on-track by your public commitment to implement and take action between meetings. You will set your Growth Action Plan at the end of each session to focus your mind before we close the meeting.

The TEN will then go away and get to work. You will focus on growth, and report your results and successes into the TEN Teleconference 14 days later.

Group accountability is very powerful. You will want to tell this group that you’ve achieved more than you said, not less, so you’ll get more things done, faster.

And you will see bigger, more profound results.

And for those who talk a good game, but fail to engage for real, a warning… TEN is not for excuse-makers.

You can see why, if your application is accepted, your business will achieve substantial growth through your membership of TEN.


OK, I’m Hooked – Where & When Do We Meet?

Meetings are held at a conference room in Cambridgeshire that’s near to the A1 trunk road, 60 Miles North of London. It’s a 35 minute train journey from London’s Kings Cross station.

The meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month, and your first meeting date is Wednesday 17th July, if your application is accepted.

There’s accommodation nearby at reasonable rates.

Registration and coffee begins at 8.30am and the meeting starts strictly at 9.30am and runs through to 5.30pm.

The TEN Annual Retreat: Let The Good Times Roll…

Entrepreneurs don’t often take time out to celebrate their wins and have a good time. Being successful in business is all about enjoying a better life.

So once a year, when at least 6 members agree to make it happen, we will hold an additional meeting in a European city of our choice (I personally love Italy, but France and Spain are terrific too).

We will enjoy each others’ company, share full-on success strategies and stories, and have a good time together.

You’ll be able to invite your partner and I’ll deliver a very special talk on a topic that’s too big to cover in depth during a normal mastermind day.

We’ll each pick up our own hotel and travel bills and celebrate the good fortunes that came our way through working together.

What If It’s Not For Me?…

So you’ve made your decision and been accepted into the group. You attend the first meeting and discover it just doesn’t float your boat…

Well, that’s easy. If by the lunchtime of the first session you don’t think you’ll benefit from surrounding yourself with other successful entrepreneurs, have a quiet word with me and I’ll arrange a full refund.

We’ll shake hands and part as friends (no hard feelings) and you can leave before the afternoon session begins.

Secrets Shared Behind Closed Doors…

Membership of TEN is strictly limited to 10 entrepreneurs.

For your investment of just £299.70 per meeting (a stupidly reasonable £2,997 per annum when paid up-front) – you will mingle with owners of fast-growth businesses turning over from £400K to £5 million or more.

So let’s cut to the chase now. You’re learning strategies that have already added millions to other businesses.

Your decision comes down to answering one simple question – are you ready to grow – really fast – right now?

How To Apply For Membership…

Membership of TEN is by application only. Members are interviewed to confirm suitability before acceptance. To avoid competition and encourage openness within the mastermind, no competitors are allowed.

Should you be accepted, your investment in TEN is paid either in full at £2,997 for the year, or by direct debit payment plan with £997 deposit followed by 8 payments of £312.50.

If you are serious about success, TEN membership will be the best investment you make in business this year.


Do You Qualify?

TEN is designed for those people in business looking for rapid, sustained growth. It is not suitable for startup businesses and members typically have businesses with turnover between £500,000 to £10,000,000. Smaller and larger businesses are considered on an individual basis.

Hit the button to get growing…