The Author

Lee Duncan has helped his clients achieve a staggering £40 million of extra business.

As a leading business growth coach he has worked with ambitious small and medium-sized businesses from around the world.

He is also in demand as a speaker and writer on achieving business growth.

Lee’s family has it’s roots firmly in enterprise dating right back to the early 1800’s, when his ancestor started a footwear business in Kent.

From an early age he was fascinated by how business works and even at school earned the nickname “Duncan Enterprises”.

His approach is very direct and no-nonsense.  Clients have described him as “the most plain-speaking and effective consultant you will ever meet.”

You will find this style mirrored in the book: there’s very little jargon and no complex theoretical models, just practical and immediately applicable advice.

For relaxation, Lee can be found tinkering with computers, making hardwood furniture or riding his bike around Cambridgeshire.