How to Double Your Business

Julie reading Double Your BusinessIf you feel that your business is not growing as fast as it could, or that you’ve hit a plateau that you can’t seem to break through, here’s a thought for you that’s a bit easier than getting your head around the 22 Barriers to Growth in Double Your Business.

To double your business you need to do three things consistently…

1. Develop Your Ability To Achieve

Your business is limited by what you know and how well you get stuff done. Edison couldn’t have invented the lightbulb without understand electricity and chemistry. James Dyson would never have improved the vacuum cleaner without mastering design. Apple could never have created the Apple Macintosh back in the 1980s without Steve Jobs understanding typefaces and fonts.

To double your business, or to double it again, what do you need to know and do different?

2. Build A ‘Growth Engine’ With Marketing and Sales

No business can grow without generating lots of leads and making the sales.

If you struggle to find sufficient customers or you can’t close the deal when in front of customers, your business will always struggle.

If this is your biggest barrier to growth, invest more of your time to study and experiment with marketing strategies and sales techniques to build your own growth engine.

3. Employ Effective Control Systems For Money, People and Service

Often a new client will want to focus on generating new business when the real focus must start with how the business works.

A business that’s running by the skin of its teeth financially, with chronic staff issues and a litany of customer complaints is only going to become unmanageable with more sales.

Fix issues that get in the way of productivity – deal with problem staff, build processes to make operations run smoothly, get on top of credit control.

These things are niggles when you’re small, but can cripple or kill your business when you start to grow if they’re not under control.

A business with strong controls provides a platform for great service, highly motivated staff, strong cash flow and highly profitable operations.


So if your business isn’t growing as fast as you want, it’s either because you’re not revving the growth engine fast enough, or you are too busy fighting fires because the control systems are lacking.

If you want to double your business, you’ve got remember to work on these three areas – yourself, your growth engine, and your control systems.

And if you want help to do this, just get in touch with me for a strategy session where we’ll explore where to focus to double your business.


  1. Joshua Awala says

    Dear Lee,
    Good evening!
    I run a private School in Rivers State of Nigeria. The problem I am having is constant decline in enrollment of students. Finding from customers was that the tuition fee is high to be afforded by prospective parents despite that the quality of service meets the expectations of the people. Sir, what can do to address this complaints to grow the business?
    I seriously need your counsel, please!


    Joshua Awala

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