To Simplify Business Success

My goal for Double Your Business is to share a method to help you become even more successful in business.

I was told by the publisher that the book needed to be around 50,000 words, which seems a lot when you start writing.

But a chapter of around 5,000 words to cover a topic as vast as marketing, or sales, or customer service, is barely going to scratch the surface if done in any conventional way.

Instead of watering down the content, I decided to do something differently.  You’ll find that each Growth Blueprint in Double Your Business is designed as a framework for you to build upon.

For example, the marketing chapter is called The Double Your Business Marketing Plan and it outlines precisely the marketing methodology that my clients put into practice.

Simply following the instructions in the chapter and methodically introducing the same approach to your business will produce better results for you.

But it was just as important that the methods outlined in Double Your Business are simple enough for anybody in business to follow.

There’s no point creating a system for success if you need to have a brain the size of the planet to be able to use it.

So it’s written in plain English and I’ve avoided using anything that’s overly complicated or confusing.

My goal is very straightforward:

To simplify business success for you.

To make it easier to grow and take a better income from your business.

To make it more rewarding and more fun.

Use it exactly as it’s written in the book and you’ll improve things no end.

Then as you grow in confidence, or perhaps seek further help to push things faster or further, you are building on a solid foundation, rather than starting from scratch.

Keep these frameworks in mind as you develop your business and you will be rewarded with less stress, less hassle and a more straightforward business journey to success.

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